Let.It.Go – Week 3

Week 3 ~ Memory Verse

The quote the rang the most with me this week was on page 114, ” Be a thermostat, not a thermometer. Set the tone and environment in your home.”  We women do have a lot of power in setting the tone.  The saying, “If Momma ain’t happy, then nobody’s happy” is commonly known for a reason!

One thing that helps me is to remember that emotions don’t dictate truth… feelings don’t dictate reality.  Truth and reality are unchanging – regardless of the emotions/feelings we have there are truths that we must hold on to and focus on – even when our emotions and feelings tell us differently.  Maybe focusing on realities – like I’m accepted by the Lord Almighty, even when my teen (or friend) won’t always accept me.  I am beautiful and wonderfully made, even though not a hair on my head is obeying my commands, my face is breaking out, and lips are completely chapped!

Life is busy, emotions can run thin.  I’m trying to keep my focus on the moment.  Letting God sweat the big stuff.

The last couple weeks have been crazy busy – kids shared flu back and forth, when well they had activities to run to, work was crazy… just a lot going on… but I won’t focus on the crazy, but the moments that God blesses me with that are wonderful.  Today is one of them.

I’m in the mid-west so school was canceled, roads snow packed and we all had to stay home.  After a couple of hours of shoveling (we have a looonnnggg drive way and do it by hand) we had a little fun outside!  So this is what we spent our busy day doing afterwards… and why I’m late getting the blog out today and why it is so short… it is now Hot Coco time! 🙂


Yes, we got a lot of snow, they loved building this little fort and hope the dog doesn’t try to dig them out!


We love our dog, Sheldon, but he is a little silly!  He kept running away with the sled and even would take it and try to run while kids were on it!


Making snow angels!


My gorgeous “snow angel”!  🙂


All things new…


New – it is a great word isn’t it?  I love getting a new dress or a new pretty pair of shoes.  I love the smell of a new born baby or newly cut grass.  I love the feel of the pages of a new book I’m about to start reading.  New is a great feeling, especially when it is a new beginning.

Each year we make New Year’s Resolutions, for many of us only to break them only weeks later.  However, each day is a new beginning.  It is a fresh start to do things right that day.  Not to look back and relive the wrong we’ve done, but to start doing right.  God is the master of new beginnings.  He makes each of us a new creation when we come to him and believe in him.  I love the thought of my creator, removing the dirty, filthy stuff from my life only to replace it with something new and better!

Sometimes we can see exactly what God is trying to remove from our lives.  Sometimes it isn’t something we really want to give up, but it is always for the best.  In a Bible study called “The Life” by Bill and Anabel Graham, Bill stated that more than 75% of all Christians walk by feel not by faith in their Christian walk.  A bell went off, “Yep, girl you do that!”

How many times have I allowed the “gossip gals” at work to determine my identity?  How many times have I felt that if my kids misbehave, that this defines me as poor parent?  As moms or even just as women, we like to control.  We juggle so much, especially in this day in age, that we feel the only way to stay on top of it all – is by controlling it.

So what is “new” with me?  My next Bible study – Let.It.Go. by Karen Ehman.  It is an on-line Bible study that I’m already getting excited about and it only officially started today!  It is to give insight to how to let go of control and let God do it through us.  From the review it is to help us take control of our schedule, yet allow God’s interruptions, to help us learn to micromanage less and just be a mother, how to be an influence to our husband, learn to control our emotions (even if we can’t control the circumstance) and to stop pursuing the appearance of perfection and just allow God to shine through our lives.

Here is a quote from the book that I connected with:

“There exists a minuscule line between being conscientious and being controlling. A marker so fine, we women cross it without even noticing that it’s stretched out right there in front of us, waiting to trip us up.  What we must do is determine the difference between being conscientious (our part) and being in control (God’s job).”  –  Let.It.Go by Ehman, page 17.

Will you join me?  There is still time and the first chapter is on Melissa’s website if you need to start there.