January 2013 Scentsy

January is a fun month for Scentsy lovers.  Totally cool warmer of the month, bring back my bar and awesome hostess awards await!

This month the warmer of the month is “Be Mine”… two words – SO ADORABLE! 🙂


This one will be out before and long after Valentine’s day.  Just “love” it!  In January, it will be 10% off – Price: $35.00 sale price: $31.50!

The Scent of the Month is “Happy Go Lucky”


“Captures the exhilaration of romance with luscious red berries, silky orchid, and Japanese plum floating on a cloud of amber vanilla!”

January on sale (10% off)

  • Scent Circle: $3.00  $2.70
  • Scentsy Bar: $5.00  $4.50
  • Room Spray: $8.00  $7.20

January is also Bring Back my Bar month!  This month only, there are scents that have been voted as the most missed and will be brought back for sale.  They are $5.00 per bar or $85.00 for all 20 bars.  Below is the list of scents.


The last AWESOME thing about January…. it is Double Half Price Hostess Awards!

So earning $150 in retail sells gets you to earn 2 half price items plus 10% in product credit…. you can earn as much as 8 half price items and 15% of product sales this month!  I know, crazy awesome!

I told you January was awesome!


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