January 2013 Scentsy

January is a fun month for Scentsy lovers.  Totally cool warmer of the month, bring back my bar and awesome hostess awards await!

This month the warmer of the month is “Be Mine”… two words – SO ADORABLE! ūüôā


This one will be out before and long after Valentine’s day. ¬†Just “love” it! ¬†In January, it will be 10% off – Price: $35.00¬†sale price:¬†$31.50!

The Scent of the Month is “Happy Go Lucky”


“Captures the exhilaration of romance with luscious red berries, silky orchid, and Japanese plum floating on a cloud of amber vanilla!”

January on sale (10% off)

  • Scent Circle: $3.00 ¬†$2.70
  • Scentsy Bar: $5.00 ¬†$4.50
  • Room Spray: $8.00 ¬†$7.20

January is also Bring Back my Bar month!  This month only, there are scents that have been voted as the most missed and will be brought back for sale.  They are $5.00 per bar or $85.00 for all 20 bars.  Below is the list of scents.


The last AWESOME thing about January…. it is Double Half Price Hostess Awards!

So earning $150 in retail sells gets you to earn 2 half price items plus 10% in product credit…. you can earn as much as 8 half price items and 15% of product sales this month! ¬†I know, crazy awesome!

I told you January was awesome!


TGIF & Kisses for breakfast!

Short work weeks go fast.  Not just because they are short, but also because it seems we fit in a full work week into those short few days.

This week was no different. ¬†Kids went back to school after having winter break – which meant feeding two boys (one is a teen boy and the other eats like he is a teen!) ¬†Many mornings I try to get them 3-4 food groups covered for breakfast before heading out the door for work and school. ¬†Before you get excited thinking you’re reading WonderWomen’s blog, let it be known – I cheat. ¬†I cheat by making a lot of pancakes the weekend before and freezing them, buying already cooked sausage/bacon that warm up, buying GF/DF waffles that are frozen, and always having fruit handy, but it works for us.

However, when school has been out for 2 weeks and my husband took off for most of it as vacation to stay home with them, then I get totally out of the practice of getting it all done in the morning in time for me to enjoy breakfast, too. ¬†Now if you didn’t know, I have Celiac disease – which means I can’t have gluten. ¬†My son also can’t have dairy… so cooking isn’t always easy but I usually have a good handle on it. ¬†However, today – not so much.

After the craziness of a late bus (which meant I’m on the phone trying to find out when the bus is coming so kids don’t wait out there in 18 degree weather getting frost-bitten while they wait), getting the dog fed, kids fed, and my lunch packed up I was already running later than I’d like. ¬†So when I finally got to work today, I sat down to finally enjoy my breakfast while I get to work reading emails and prioritizing my desk… Well, I begin to notice the yogurt I’ve brought from home has separated and expired a good month ago… sigh… since I have to protect myself from gluten (or I get VERY sick), it means I can’t just run to a vending machine or go down to the cafeteria to grab the special of days – pancakes or biscuits & gravy… double sigh… ¬†I totally had a pity party for a least 20 minutes… then decided I’d scrounge my lunch box and my snack drawer and come up with something to eat… so I got to have Hershey’s kisses, a big spoonfull of peanut butter and clemintines for breakfast. ¬†Okay, not a breakfast for champions, but it rocked to have chocolate for breakfast and not feel “guilty” for it.

My Breakfast of Champions

My Breakfast of Champions

It is okay to have a pity party once in while, but don’t get stuck there. ¬†Know that there are blessings in every trial, opportunities in every challenge, and growth in every hurdle… we just have to be willing to embrace them… and when in a pity party, a kiss sure does help.¬†¬†I do love kisses – both kinds.